Representative Office Opening in Minsk (Belarus)

«JURVISTA» provides legal services in the field of opening of representative offices of the companies who wish to be represented at Belarusian market.

Representative office of a foreign company in Belarus is an authorized dealership which has no right to perform any entrepreneurial activity in Belarus. The term of representative office validity is defined by a foreign company and affects the size of duty for getting the permit for opening a representative office in the Republic of Belarus.

Иностранные организации открывают свои представительства в Беларуси с разрешения Министерства иностранных дел Республики Беларусь. Срок выдачи разрешения — до 10 дней (может быть продлен до 1 месяца).

Legal service «Opening of representative office in Belarus» includes:

  • Consultation on the questions of opening representative office in Belarus
  • Preparation of the warrant template for the Head of a representative office and for the specialist of our company
  • Preparation of a guarantee letter template for obtaining de jure address
  • Development a representative office statute
  • Preparation of application for opening representative office
  • Filling an application for preparation of the office card for the Head of a representative office
  • Application to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
  • Obtaining approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs statute, permission for opening a representative office, service card
  • Preparation of labor contract with the Head of a representative office, an accountant
  • Preparation of orders on assumption of the Head of representative office and on employment of an accountant
  • Order and obtaining of a seal
  • preparation of the necessary documents for state bodies
  • Preparation of documents and accompaniment during opening a current bank account

Opening of a representative office services prices

Открытие (аккредитация) представительства в Беларуси «под ключ»1 134Order

In order to open a representative office of a foreign company in Minsk you should provide us the following documents and information:

  • copies of the constitutive documents of a foreign company (statute, state registration certificate);
  • the copy of the vidimus from the trade register or the certificate of a foreign company registration; information about de jure address;
  • information about de jure address;
  • the legalized warrant for the Head of a representative office;
  • the legalized warrant for the specialist of our company;
  • the original of a payment order or receipt confirming the payment of the state duty for accreditation of a representative office;
  • servicing bank name.

Все документы на иностранном языке должны быть переведены на русский язык, легализованы в установленном порядке и заверены нотариально либо дипломатическими или консульскими учреждениями Республики Беларусь за границей. Мы окажем вам содействие в переводе документов и их нотариальном заверении.

«JURVISTA» provides other services connected with representative office operation.

Extention of Permit for Opening Representative Office 252Order
Liquidation of Representative Office 693Order
Alteration of Representative Office Statute200Order
Alteration of Representative Office Location105Order
Preparation of Representative Office Activity Report and Reporting to Ministry of Foreign Affairs84Order

Extention of the term of representative office validity is possible by application to Ministry of Foreign Affairs not later than 10 days before expiration of grant.

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